SCAIView Academia

Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing SCAI

SCAIView Academia is a designated scientific SCAIView version for the research community. Extended functionality is available in the commercial version.

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Terminologies in SCAIView Academia

Alzheimer Disease Ontology (ADO)

Alzheimer Disease Ontology is an interoperable and standardized semantic framework that enables semantic search in scientific text and is able to capture both established and scattered knowledge existing in Alzheimer's disease domain. The Alzheimer Disease Ontology is incorporated into SCAIView Academia

BioMarker Terminology

The BioMarker Terminology is incorporated into SCAIView Academia.

Drug Names

The Drug Names Terminology is incorporated into SCAIView Academia.

Hypothesis Finder

The Hypothesis Finder allows detection, systematic collation and analysis of published speculative statements in a specific context. The Hypothesis Finder Terminology is incorporated into SCAIView Academia.