SCAIView is an efficiently implemented software which implies all the advantages of a web-based technology. The following list shows an overview of the main technological and the content related advantages of SCAIView:

  • Superior text mining technology based on approximative search and machine learning
  • Support for Confidence Information (adjustment of precision/recall)
  • Combination of full text, semantic and ontology search
  • Very fast retrieval from large corpora and relevance ranking of retrieved results
  • Support of large result sets (e.g. 1 Mio Hits)
  • Relevance ranking on aggregated entity search results
  • Overview of found terminology in defined sub corpora
  • Links to relevant biomedical databases (e.g. EntrezGene, dbSNP, KEGG, GO, DrugBank)
  • Document visualisation with user defined highlighting
  • Export to Excel or Cytoscape
  • Programmatic access via an Application Programmers Interface (API)