Document retrieval strategies

The documents are retrieved via free text queries in combination with semantic or ontological search of biomedical entities of interest. The biomedical entities are embedded in searchable hierarchies and span from genes, proteins, accompanied SNPs to chemical compounds and medical terminology. With Ontological Filtering, it is possible to restrict the result to a subset e.g. genes on a KEGG pathway or in a Cytoband region.

Advanced retrieval technology allows answering complex queries such as:

  • Which genes/proteins are related to a certain context (e.g. disease/pathway/epigenetics)?
  • Give me an overview of relevant biomedical concepts in my subcorpus
  • Which drugs are relevant for this context?
  • To which diseases is my gene associated?
  • Which chromosomes show linkage to the disease?
  • Which variations are mentioned in the context of the disease and could they be found in dbSNP?
  • What other diseases are possibly co-occurring with my relevant disease?